A blog about our shared experience…

InTurn, Return…

I enter this new but familiar void to reawaken…to renew…to shed…demons…


I shed and shun the demons of entitlement & greed, chief among the most detestable traits I see in my self and my fellow man. Entitlement serves only create expectations that end in relief at best and immense sadness in less fortunate events…Greed sets the insatiable pace at which one wishes to experiences sensation…A sensory experience that leave one feeling numb and virtually lifeless if left to its own devices…

I shed the demon of arrogance, which veils itself to resemble confidence and assurance to make others feel safe. It has never protected me from harm…never brought me wisdom at the conclusion of trials…and insidiously serves to impress upon others that I have a truth or strength worthy of greater consideration than others…

I shed the demon of my fears. I have had the bounty and horror of staring over life’s edge into the abyss…an abyss darker than any night known to man…to face my own darkness and the darkness I have experienced at the hands of others…In an instant, I can summon the sensation of the corrosive forces that I have been exposed to as a reminder of why I chose the light, and why I must cling to it with all of my soul. I fear nothing and no one…save losing my connection to The Source.


I shed the demon of my body. Gender, appearances, human frailty and all of the insecurities and power struggles that exist therein have no place in the next stage for me.

I shed the demon of alliances. There is no “other”. All humanity is me and I am them. No difference. Race, nationality, religion, gender, economic status, education level and all of the multitudinous ways for us to separate into “us and them” are no longer of use. Familiar relationships are under reassessment and subject to change. Blood nor time spent will have currency in this evaluation…

I am left to reflect on what is left from the vessel that was known to some of you, and to seek confirmation as to where this soul is to go and what to do next.

There is no rush…only beauty in every moment…possibility beyond measure…

Join me, if you dare and are ready to let go of some fetters…I have nothing figured out…and I’m pleased at that…


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  1. Word!

    April 12, 2016 at 1:34 am

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